How to take a good photograph of your pet.

  • When taking a photo of your pet, try to take the photo in as natural light as possible without the flash as to avoid red eye.
  • To avoid washed-out pictures, shoot in the mornings or evenings, on slightly overcast days, or in the shade on a bright day.
  • Always get down to your pets level as taking the photo looking down at your pet can distort your pets appearance making his/her nose or head look too big. 
  • Try and take your photo with a background that will make your pet stand out.
  • A side profile or on an angle make the best portraits.


It is obviously your choice which photo you would like me to draw, you may have a certain photograph of your pet that means a lot to you, it may be that I get detail from one photo and colours from another. Please provide as many clear images as possible (hard copies or digital). I understand that sadly some pets may have passed and this is not possible but I will try and do my best with what you have.

Examples of bad photos

The above pictures wouldn't make good portraits as they are either too dark, I wouldn't be able to get enough detail from them, the subjects are too close to the camera or the angle isn't very good. The second picture (although clear) the dogs eyes are not visible. 

Examples of good photos

The above pictures are clear, high resolution, the eyes are clear and all images are in focus.

If you do not have the facilities to take photos of your pet, I would be happy to travel within 15 miles of my home to take photos of your pet after the booking and deposit has been made.


If you would like the portraits background to be different from the photo provided, for example if you would like a blurry background or to look like your pet is in the outdoors rather than in your home, I will mock this up in photoshop for you so that you have an idea what the final piece will look like and for your approval before going ahead. 

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